One Green LED High bay Light uses single powerful LED module as the light source . Utilizing specially designed multichip single LED  module, it can replace traditional lighting with the same level of brightness with up to 70% power saving. The LED is carefully selected for high brightness to achieve the required light output. The overall light is carefully designed with high heat conductivity to achieve optimal thermal management , low luminous decay, pure light color and no ghosting.  

In One Green Technology, we recognize that one key factor that determines the  life span of a LED high is the Driver module. We have invested a lot of time and effort in the driver design. The driver that we used can offer a MTBF of over 330 K-Hr. Our LED High Bay lights have been deployed in various key customers since 2009.  Our High Bay have been successfully proven in replacing 400W-1000W Metal Halite/Sodium lights with over 50% power saving and higher light output in term of Lux reading.


Image Order Part Number LED Power Rating (W) Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg)
high_bay OG-HBLZA-100W 100 473(H)*500(L) 6.48